We are a family winery located in Argentina, at the base of the majestic Andes in the prestigious area of ​​Mendoza called Los Chacayes in the Uco Valley, located at an altitude ranging from 3,000 to 4,200 feet above sea level.
Our first wishes to produce wines date back to 1998 when our vision was to create ultra-premium products in the best latitudes. It was in 2003 when it began to take shape, but it was not until 2011 that our vineyard produced the best Malbec grapes.
In the year 2020 Alejandro Couce and Graziela Padoin decided to create the best Malbec for the world and founded Couce Vineyards.
It is no coincidence that the initials CV recall the words Curriculum Vitae because it was through a professional career that the best wines were created.

After visiting 64 countries, living in 9 and speaking 7 languages, our profession and personal life put us in the position of experiencing the best wines, celebrating memorable moments around the world.
We quickly knew which wine is the best for those moments and we set out to bring the wine to its maximum expression of quality.

We wanted to reflect it in a special flavor, the flavor of satisfaction for the achievements of personal and professional life. This is how Alegra was born, not just a mixture of the first 3 letters of the names of Alejandro and Graziela but a combination of cultures, identities, aromas, flavors, passion and emotion, of the conservatives and those who explore new adventures. Alegra -in English- means something that makes you feel cheerful, happy, content, enchanted, pleased, without a doubt, everything that these wines seek to provoke.⁣

In parallel, Alamela was born, a wine that is the result of fraternization, of the complicity of Alan and Melanie. A genetic combination that shows freshness in the search for new opportunities. Much more than a family legacy, it is the transfer of knowledge, experiences and the unique combination of characters.



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